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Sweden reviews financing and pricing

Sweden reviews financing and pricing

In mid-November 2016 the government issued directives to review the pricing and reimbursement system and the national financing system for medicinal products. The government declared that the existing system is complex and complicated and must be improved in order to operate a modern healthcare system.

The review seeks to find a clear division of financing responsibilities between the national government and local county councils. It also seeks to establish foreseeable processes for stakeholders as regards pricing.

The report from the review will be presented to the government on 1 December 2018.

Jonas Löfgren and Annie Kabala comment the review in the latest newsletter from ILO.

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No copyright protection for sport broadcasts

No copyright protection for sport broadcasts

”Following the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision in Case C-279/13 (which was referred by the Swedish Supreme Court), the Supreme Court handed down its judgment (B 3510-11). The ECJ decision tackled the issue of whether member states can give wider protection to rights holders by enabling communication to the public to cover a greater range of acts than those found in Article 3 (2) of EU Directive 2001/29/EC (InfoSoc). In the final Swedish judgment, the question before the court was whether linking to live broadcasts of hockey games was communication to the public, and whether the live broadcasts met the requirements for copyright protection.”

Read the latest ILO article by Henrik Wistam and Annie Kabala here.

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